Thursday, 7 August 2014

How to Survive a LEGO Store Mini-Build

4 Tips for Success at a LEGO Store Mini-Build:
If you have a LEGO fan in the house you are probably like me and have signed up for the LEGO VIP Program and have received an email or two inviting you to the LEGO store mini-build sessions that they have monthly. And maybe you have never attended before? You are wondering what to expect from your day if you go to a LEGO mini-build. Here is a bit of a guide:

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Five Must Have Camping/Beach Toys

Must Have Camping, Beach, Pool and Outdoor Toys
Who doesn't camp or visit the beach in the summer months? Even if you don't I bet you are on the look out for some great outdoor and pool toys. I partnered with Mastermind Toys to test out some toys on a recent camping trip to Beyond Hope RV Resort in Idaho. Mastermind was kind enough to provide me with the Dodge Tag and Aquapod the rest were purchased with my own pennies as I knew Grady would love them!

Friday, 4 July 2014

5 Reasons to LOVE Calgary Stampede 2014

I know there are lots of Calgary Stampede haters out there. I have friends who leave town because they think it is so awful or just can stand it or what have you. I on the other hand am a big Stampede fan. I agree there are lots of things to hate about it but there are far more good things than bad. Here are some of mine for this year:

1) The new Kids Midway The Great FUNtier:
Although the Stampede is family friendly I haven't always felt that they cater to the family crowd, in the past is has felt more about party-party-party. In any case this year the kids midway has moved. It is in a more open area and closer to all the other kids activities like the tanks and stuff, agriculture area and BMO Kidszone. The other change I noticed was signage all around that asks people not to smoke in the kids area, the bigger better bathrooms with water fountains and lots space so it doesn't feel as packed. The other nice thing is that is set back a  bit so if you want to skip it without your little realising you totally can!

2) Community Spirit: Since the flood last year I have found the people at Stampede to be much more fun loving and friendly. A great example is the guy in line who gave me his extra ticket to sneak-a-peek so Grady and I didn't have to wait in line and I didn't have to pay. Lots of karma going his way! I find there is less rushing and pushing and more smiling and enjoying. Like no one complained when the sweet old man working the line let a young woman cut. I think pre-flood would have made for some angry people

3) I love how everyone gets into the spirit. I know Calgary is not all about cowboys, in fact we probably are very little about ranching and horse riding the past 50 years and more oil and gas ;) So even if you hate identifying as a cowpoke community, think of it as a 10 day dress up party and a great excuse to wear denim to work. Plus hipster love plaid and I love me a nice wrangler butt. But it is so nice to see even corporate Calgary encourages the spirit, you don't hear of companies in other cities having a PNE or CNE or K-days party.

4) Its a whole lots of entertainment for a relatively reasonable price. You could conceivably spend only admission and still have a great time. It is less than the Calgary Zoo or Spark or even Heritage Park (oh that was a bit rhyme-y) And there are ways to get deals to save a bit too. Macs for example sells 2 for $25 passes plus you get two pops with it. Although it is over I would highly recommend Sneak-a-peek for short lines as long as you don't go in the main gates, but once you are in it is smooth sailing.
Found this beauty in the Buckaroos area, so you can recharge yourself and your phone.
5) If you do hate the hullabaloo you will find everywhere else to be a little less busy ;P

So tell me are you a Stampede hater or lover?

p.s. This post wasn't sponsored. I genuinely like Stampede and think it has much more to offer than that other Alberta city's thing