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Thursday, 16 February 2017

Shaw BlueSky TV – First Impressions Review

BlueSky TV from Shaw Communications
Image courtesy Shaw Communications
We’ve had Shaw BlueSky TV and 150 Internet for just about a month now and we are really enjoying. I love the Netflix like interface and the voice control is just about the best thing ever. Everyone in the family has had a chance to try it out. Shaw BlueSky TV has been provided to us by Shaw Communications for the purposes of review, all opinions are our own.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

2016 Ford Fusion Hybrid Titanium Review

2016       Ford Fusion Hybrid Titanium
-Brian Brooks

The Ford Fusion is sleek and stylish from the outside especially the front grille (despite the ire of every Aston Martin driver in the world).  The hybrid styling is no different than that of the gasoline only versions.  A compact version with the Fusion styling would be perfect in the market place…Wait…Why doesn’t the focus look this good? The car is very quiet and smooth especially when operating in electric only mode (which didn’t last very long) but even with the engine on, vehicle noise requires that you actively listen in order to detect it.