Saturday, 6 December 2014

Chevrolet Tahoe - a review

Tahoe - Takes us on a 32 hour Journey 2000 km

As you know we recently traveled to Vancouver for the 102nd Grey Cup, Chevrolet was generous enough to loan us a 2015 Tahoe LTZ for the trip. Here is our (mostly Brian's) review on the vehicle. Over all we both really liked it but definitely agreed Mud and Snow rated tires were not enough for Calgary to Vancouver winter roads!

Interior Positives:

Friday, 28 November 2014

How to get a family across Canada’s highway to hell in one piece for Grey Cup 102

Chevrolet Tahoe – How to get a family across Canada’s highway to hell in one piece for Grey Cup 102
When Brian was presented with the opportunity to purchase a Grey Cup 102 ticket, we thought why not? At the very least he would have a great weekend away with buddies. Then the wheels started turning and Grady got wind of “Vancouver” and soon it turned into a family trip. But since the airlines are far too smart for us peons and ticket prices for flights were insane unless we were going to hone in on the hospitality of our friends (at Family Fun Vancouver) for a whole week, we were driving.
This was set to be our first epic road trip as a family, so far since Grady was born the most we have driven in one go is about 8 hrs when we headed to Sandpoint Idaho last year for camping.  Travelling the Coquihalla or as my husband says “tackling the highway to hell” is a bit daunting for less seasoned road trippers such as ourselves. Then Chevrolet generously offered to let us test drive the Tahoe for the nearly 2000km round trip journey. 12+ hours in a swank SUV (or do you call it a truck?) how could we say no?
When I told Brian about the Tahoe, he said it was just the kind of vehicle that would be great to test drive on such a journey. And I agree, I think there are some really great features that will help us on this mega road trip. So far I am most looking forward to:

Animals ready to go!

-          Fold flat 2nd and 3rd rows – this may seem like a fairly boring feature but when you have an easily bored 6 year old on the trip you anticipate having to use more tricks that you are used to fill a very long day in the car. Grady loves to be in the 3rd row of our current vehicle and finds it a big treat so I know that the chance to sit in a variety of configurations will stave off boredom to a certain extent until the next stop when he can play musical chairs again!
-          Up to 6 USB charging ports and 6 power outlets including one 110 volt – this means we will be able to charge our devices and keep ourselves entertained. I bow down to you parents that can complete a journey like this without the tech but I am not ashamed to admit it is a tool I am going to use.

What other tricks and tips am I employing to make our trip as smooth as possible?
11)      A bag full of novel games, toys and activities: I’ve picked up a magnetic chess board as Grady is obsessed with learning the game, a spiderman disappearing ink activity book and a portable light bright. But I don’t plan to tell him about any of them so I can whip them out as a surprise when the boredom monster strikes.
22)      Snacks – I love fresh fruit and veg on a trip as it keeps me from snacking on the not so great stuff. Of course we will still have some of that too because what’s a good road trip without a few treats?
33)      Movies – I will have to check out what is newly out on DVD so we have something novel to watch and maybe I will go into the back seat for part of the trip and we can watch Harry Potter 5 together as we have been slowly working our way through each movie.

How about you? Any tips for our upcoming trip? Snack suggestions? Favorite ways to beat the boredom?

We are actually 13hrs into the journey and only half way there, please give me your ideas for the return trip!

Monday, 17 November 2014

Long Hair in a Few Hours and a #Giveaway

Life is hard on us women, especially moms. You get pregnant and have a baby and its like your whole body chemistry changes. I have friends whose hair went from straight to curly, or even changed colour. Then to top it off you get older and you hair won't grow the way it used to or do the things it used too, What little length you have left you might cut off for ease of dealing with family life or to save yourself pulling it out dealing with with family ;)

I have always wanted crazy long hair but pre-Grady never had the patience to really grow it, although it was fairly luscious for my wedding I quickly grew bored and cut it again thinking "its just hair, it will grow back" but then suddenly it didn't (at least it felt sudden). I was yearning for those long locks now that I was good at braiding and styling my hair and finally didn't have a baby to pull it or a toddler under foot. But it just would not grow!

Itty-bitty Salon SE Calgary Hair extensions
Photo credit Lisa Riley
When Grady started kindergarten I had the life changing (or at least hair changing) pleasure of meeting Sandra Jones from SE Calgary based Itty-bitty Salon she is a local home based stylist with gads of experience and expertise. I have had great stylists in the past but they have moved or I have moved and Sandra is fabulous, I love that she takes the time to teach me about my hair.