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Friday, 23 December 2011

Elf on A Shelf Antics (before we sign off for Christmas) | Ruff Ruminations

Since Christmas is almost here and I am sure I won’t behaving any time to write blog posts unless I do get that laptop as a prezzie ;DI thought I would sign off with a little more Elf on the Shelf and show a fewof the things Nemo has gotten up to.

Tucked inside the glass tube
Upside down on the railing
On top of the cupboards
Delivering a cad that arrived in the mail for Grady.

Hanging from Cranky the Crane

Hiding in the Christmas tree

I know this isn't Elf Nemo but this is Grady giving some of his money from his Advent Calendar.

Peeking out of the corner of the bed

But can I just say what is with all the elf hate? I mean we all know how hard it is to be a mom or a dad or a family in general so if someone has the time and wants to take the time to hide a creepy cute elf around the house in different places why do you care? I know there are people out there who like to go crazy over the top and I say all the power to them if they want to do it great. But I don’t think I should feel labelled as bad or an over-achiever because I occasionally have time to do something slightly more creative with Nemo.
Seriously what is with this movement lately where it is awesome to be a so-called “bad” mom and pretend like you are lazy or indifferent about your children and that you are on some sort of ultimate cool high horse that allows you to look down your nose at moms who like to bake cookies from scratch or sew gifts for their child’s teachers or hide an Elf somewhere besides the self?
Really let’s all stop the judging and try to get supporting each other. Breast feed or don’t breast feed; cloth or disposable; work or stay home...I don’t care what you do so stop taking an unhealthy interest in my choices. Instead remember you love your children as much as I do and I’m not trying to prove I love them more by doing those things. I just like doing them. So shut up, have a Merry Christmas and I hope your kids sleep in. Because really I would rather have you hold my hand through this whole parenting thing than slam the door in my face because you think what I do somehow affects your parenting decisions – end rant :D
**Note** I realize I was pretty angry when I wrote that and I aplogize but I still feel the same. Maybe because I'm mad since someone stole my shopping bag full of cosmetics today. I'm sure I'll be less mad tomorrow when this posts but I still think moms should support each other more and judge each other less.


Jenny Hill said...

I really like what you have to say here.

I so agree. I have always hated this competition that goes on with Moms - as though your choices are what everyone else should do too.

Leslie said...

Thanks for the validation Jenny!